Appendix-IX (CBSE 2021)
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Vice-President’s Desk

It gives me more pleasure to bring out “Rain Spectrum”, its ten years accomplishments. The institution has stepped into glorious stage since its growth down the line. Now the world undergoes globalization, liberalization, as a result, the competition has taken still more stiff and complexity mere text books could not be sufficient in drawing out the best from the learner. I take it as more challenging and insurmountable when we think only knowing its surface. I believe that real education not only creates learning but also inspires students to discover their potential to a greater extent. Making the students to be the responsible citizens and vigilant of democracy. can make the success of the motive behind.


Mrs. Lalita Suresh M.Sc-IT, PGDHRM, (B,Ed.)

At Keonics we have been imparting skill and acme among the youths because unskilled and unspecialized human resource is just like reflex quantity and not the quality. Education is social investment and capital human formation. Unless capital human formation is made well trained and groomed it could not be worth for the economic development and social progression. Keeping the necessity and requirement of the future, the President and Vice President of the Paripoorna Trust are working with a complete plan of actions that lead the students’ fortune towards global level.

The future plans of Rainbow can be highlighted from these following objectives:

  • 1. Making the Students to think in global language that is English.
  • 2. Providing comfortable learning and teaching atmosphere emphasis on computer assisted learning.
  • 3. Creativity beyond Classrooms.
  • 4. Extracurricular activities in respect to universal learning.
  • 5. Focusing child centred learning rather than traditional that gives importance to only knowledge.
  • 6. Learning at ease and at his/her own pace.
  • 7. Integrated approach for comprehensive learning.
  • 8. Proper goal setting and reaching it smartly.
  • 9. Promotion of national values and moral, igniting patriotic feelings.
  • 10. Mediation Yoga, Shloka and reciting quotations of Bhagavath Githa