Appendix-IX (CBSE 2021)
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HOD Views

Department of English

Our department gives a lot of scope for the children to enhance their horizon of knowledge in English literature and language. The endeavor of establishing a school in rural belt by Mr. Suresh C T and his family is highly commendable. Thousands of students from RAINBOW Residential Public School are enabled to have a better conversation in ENGLISH
English is taught as a first language in our school. The English Department is fortified with well qualified and trained teachers. They are earnest and dedicated towards English language teaching. We are proud to have a senior most, well-experienced and veteran faculty Mr. Zakir who always tries to guide and discuss relevant issues in the field of English language and literature. The students lovingly call him as a Chaucer of RAINBOW. Since the medium of instructions is English, the department is more accountable and responsible for English communication in the campus which is mandatory nevertheless many students are from remote villages.


Mr. Saiman D M.A, B,Ed.

English is taught as a first language in our school. The English Department is fortified with well qualified and trained teachers. They are earnest and dedicated towards English language teaching. We are proud to have a senior most, well-experienced and veteran faculty Mr. Zakir who always tries to guide and discuss relevant issues in the field of English language and literature. The students lovingly call him as a Chaucer of RAINBOW. Since the medium of instructions is English, the department is more accountable and responsible for English communication in the campus which is mandatory nevertheless many students are from remote villages.

Department of Hindi

Mr. Nagesh M sir is in-charge of the dept. He is well versed in the Hindi subject. He is good at teaching; in Kannada speaking climate administering Hindi is somewhat difficult. He has exploited eclectic Methods of teaching. The students get realistic experiences of the content by switching on to Hindi to Kannada, he speaks eloquently, he organizes debt competition, poetry contest and news reading every alternative days.
Teaching Hindi to the students of rural back ground is a tough job. There are two more faculty members in the dept who have been teaching at elementary level. Mr Chandrashekhar L and Mrs Ambuja Katwe. The HOD of the department takes cross-check of the valued papers, and gives suggestions for fault free evaluation, not only imparting content but also taking drilling work, including remedial classes for low achievers. The whole department is working for Hindi performance enhancement and, it doesn’t compromise for the matter of quality any longer. Every day Mr. Chandrashekar Lamani tells variety of Moral stories to the students during Meditation time evening. Students take enthrall and they remain excite always to listen to him.


Mr. Nagesh M. M.A, B,Ed.
HOD of Hindi

Department of Kannada


Mr. Hanumantappa K. M.A, B,Ed.
HOD of Kannada

Department of Mathematics

Learning mathematics with understanding is essential for the present day life style. Well grounded knowledge and understanding of the subject is a crucial element in being able to teach mathematics effectively. In addition, teachers from our school place a very strong emphasis on understanding of the curriculum and the text being used. According to our teachers, it is clear that an effective mathematics teacher should explore and study text books intensively and carefully and should try to predict the possibly difficult concept for their students so that they can devise instructional strategies to overcome the difficulties. Teachers from our school emphasize deep understanding of the curriculum content and structure.
All the mathematics teachers of our school possessing the skills needed to instruct the pupil properly. This is making the teachers to teach the lessons relevant to current society and balancing humor and authority. The following three specific instructional skills were mentioned consistently by the teachers of our school who are from different regions of Karnataka. • Proper communication and an effective explanation of the topic. • Introducing variety of methods of instruction. (More importance is given to activity oriented assignments and the project work) • Building interest and by making the topic when possible, relevant to the students; experiences. The above mentioned instructional skills made us a successful teaching learning mathematics in our school and we the mathematics teachers are very thankful to the management of Rainbow School for supporting us by providing almost all the necessary materials for teaching learning mathematics effectively.


Mr. Toufeeq M.Sc, B,Ed.
HOD of Mathematics

Department of Science

We believe that the best way to predict the future is to create it. So our management has provided the well flourished equipped Science Lab to the young minds which help them to have overall development.
Science department has three sections: biology, chemistry and physics. The lab is rated as one of the best labs for teaching and learning process. Several science instruments, apparatus, butterfly materials and 3D models attract the students’ concentration for learning difficult scientific aspects when our team members practically perform an activity with them in the lab.
The department is dedicated towards overall development and academic excellence of the children in the respective subjects. Our department brought out science practical record books for 6TH to 10th classes. Steps taken to provoke a scientific attitude of the students are as follows: 1. Science exhibition which is held in every academic year 2. Study field visit organized after every unit test. 3. Sapling plantation celebration. 4. Flora and fauna exhibition. 5. Science Day celebration 6. Practical examination after mid-term and annual examination. 7. Guest lecture to widen scope of students learning. 8. Special invitation of junior and senior scientists.


Miss. Maya F. H B.Sc, B,Ed.
HOD of Science

Awards and appreciations to the department

We received many awards such as ZEE learning participation award for 5 best projects in the year 2012-13. One of our projects was selected for district level science project exhibition organized by state government of Karnataka in Bijapur.
Faculty Profile:
We have highly qualified and experienced teachers who counsel the students at different stages. They always engage students with activities to facilitate their learning process.
The department has participated in various motivational programs. Monthly meeting and analysis after every assessment of the students has helped the teachers to understand the level of teaching and students performance. Various workshop and refresh course for teachers, digital library and research activities are some of our future plans planned by the department to execute in the days to come.

Department of Social Science

• The Social Studies Department of Rainbow Residential Public School is set up on the notion of functionality and has learning infrastructure. The School has a well-equipped social studies room cum laboratory.
• It is well equipped with equipment’s, apparatuses and materials required for the subject, which helps in creating and maintaining a much needed congenial atmosphere for effective learning.
• It provides a work room for the pupil-teachers because activities and the practical solution of problem characterize every unit or topic.
• The permanent display of important maps and globes, Audio Visual Materials pictures and charts, Metrological Instruments , Relief models and working models and constant facts and figure reference to them by teaching is sure to make the teaching of social studies effective, lively and in thrusting.
• One of our main stepping stones in the creation of Digital Social Science Lab (DSSL ) decided by our school management.
• We decided also to focus on open datasets relevant to social sciences, so it also gives students and faculty members a door to valuable resources within their discipline.

Social science department members and their responsibility.
• Mr. Shreedhar & Mr. Saiman taken the responsibility of Importance of days & date (Historical and Current Affairs).
• Mr. Sadiq, Mr. Akshay, Mr.Sadiq, Mr.Laxman & Mrs. Sunita have taken the responsibility of Historical and Social awareness Drama programmes.
• Our Department members have completely taken the responsibility of organising Mid-Term Project exhibition every year.
• Our school staff members have taken complete responsibility of School Parliament Election every year.


Mr. Shreedhar M.A . B,Ed.
HOD of Social Science

Department of Computer

Computer assisted instruction is being comprehensively followed in our school. The faculty member of this department works sincerely and hard to the satisfaction of the management. To teach well one has to have mastery in the subject.
Computer HOD Mrs.Geeta has been doing her best. Not only imparting syllabus but also students are being taught robotics and electronics programs.
Mr. Parashuram is very good at hardware technology. All systems are swinging at his hand. He knows public addressing system very well. Mr. Chiranjeevi takes computer classes effectively. He also does documentary work. Mr. Laxman , who is proud to tell he is very good teaching computer to elementary students which is little tough for one to do it. We find coordination, hearty cooperation among the faculty members.
We have more than 50 computers, all are maintained well. Students catch very well and they use computers judiciously here. Being the HOD I am happy because all are well disciplined. I think future proof technology impartment which is the dream of management can be accomplished. The department members’ complacent work can be epitomized from their opinion as follows.

1. Mrs. Geeta(HOD) : I always care for my work because I am motivated to qualitative tasks even if it is the job of small.
2. Mr. Parashuram ( system admin) : I am happy when any computer stop working because doing hard work is rather good than doing programs.
3. Mr. Chiranjeevi: data entry is my work but I take so much pleasure teaching in the class room.


HOD of Computer

Department of Physical Education

It is compared to the head of the human being as it works for better health, all activity is life, no activity is death. Mr. Ashok is executing the work of head , he is a man of discipline, and has quite concern about students, he deals in relation to their potential, he doesn’t resort for corporeal punishment, he believes in loving attitude that moulds the audacity of the learner, he always guides his colleagues, he monitor s the mass-pity, sports of all category, he super vises the evening and morning meditation rounds, being a good sportsman he plays with the students to check their missing skills while playing.
Ms. Ranjita who also works together with department head to assist him in all department work. She looks after the maintenance of the discipline in the campus, she joins hands with HOD for time table monitoring
Physical Education Department is doing challenging work. There is no limited scope for their work. From the morning meditation to the evening meditation they are creative and dynamic round the clock. P E Room is well equipped with all playing materials and instruments. Every year the school organizes cluster level sports. More than thousand students take part in the sport meet. Closing ceremony takes place in grand manner and even inauguration of the sport meet goes up in Olympic manner. Apart from this inter house sports competition will take place regularly ever year. The PE teachers not only focus on athletic events but also they do focus for group games. Volleyball is favorite game here. The students and teachers play together in the evening for recreation. Shuttle cock, kho-kho, kabaddi, tenny-coit are other games which the students play enthusiastically.
Motto of Physical Education:
1. Balancing physical growth as mental growth.
2. Promotion of healthy habits and positivity.
3. To be fit and to have toned physique
4. To develop coordination between mind and body.
5. T o have a healthy competition to develop sportive attitude.
6. To seek information of balanced diet and nutritional food.
7. To gain concentration while working and at studies.
8. To learn patience and tolerance.
9. To overcome inferior complexity.
10. To accept defeat and victory with even mind.
11. To understand strategies of the rival during matches.
12. To imbibe in patriotic and cultural values of the heritage.
13. To promote integration of unity against all sorts of diversities.
14. To encourage equality among all irrespective of cast, creed, color and religion. 15. To have emotional balance on all occasion.
Our school students not only trained to play for inter-house competitions but also are groomed for competition organized by education department and other local organizations.


Mr.Kumar B.A., B.P.Ed.,
HOD of Physical Education