Appendix-IX (CBSE 2021)
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Glimpses into the existing facilities

“We Build Quality Minds”


“We Build Quality Minds”

He greets the people open-minded brings awareness to them about the system, He attracts, everyone through his magical talks, He is your beckoner who just acts like light-pillar at sea.


“We Build Quality Minds”

It welcomes all the visitors warmly no person will go empty handed. They work for good service their task directly influences on the school to achieve all-round development. They connect the people to system.


Visitor/ Parents Room

“We Build Quality Minds”

Here visitors sit and take relaxation, The mega –T.V. projects them to the other world taking them farther and farther outside of the vision. The Educative programmes of the school steal away their attentions.

Admission Block

“We Build Quality Minds”

The office is the immediate approach to the parent. The working staffs in the block take all greetings and have familiarity about the matters which may be of various issues. In front office the receptionist Mr. Barkatali interacts with the parents and public in intimacy.
During admission the staff works with admin - block in-charge. They make a note of parent’s complaints and academic issues and forward the same to the principal and the management.


What important duties they do?

  • 1. Enquiry about the parents and fulfilling their needs in due course.
  • 2. Giving dates to hostellers outgoing and reporting time.
  • 3. Maintaining individual files of the students for a particular academic year.
  • 4. Executing documentary work of education department and also school work.
  • 5. Giving proper guidance to the students and their parents.
  • 6. They prepare the list of late reporting students.
  • 7. Bringing notices and circulars from education department and sending it to the proper channel for effective implementation.
  • 8. Collecting assignment of all the classes and guiding class teachers and subject teachers.
  • 9. Fee receiving and depositing regularly on the advice of treasurer.
  • 10. Helping the students to get scholarship forms and updating the data.
  • 11. Keeping vigilance over education department for notices and instructions on the matters of curricular and co-curricular activities.
  • 12. They do all sort of admission work and also receive required documents from the parents for department approval.
  • 13. Any discrepancies in documents produced by the parents are found out, they intimate the parent for correction keeping in view of future.
  • 14. OMR sheet fillings, updating scholastic data, collecting photos from the parents for annual exams they do recalling to the parents in order to avoid lapses on the part of student.
  • 15. They implement rules and regulations of the department clearly on the advice of management.

EDP Department

“We Build Quality Minds”

There are three members take up this venture. This department is reflector of all academic and not academic tasks. They prepare variety of formats consistently required for quality mind building tasks.

We are proud of Mr. Vinay who can design and edit any DTP work in a fraction of second. Miss Bhuvaneshwari does typing round the clock. They are very busy during exams and tests even not only preparation question papers but also the entire tabulation will also be done by them. For every activity checklist and formats are being prepared, the data given by teachers will be processed through computers for more clarity.

Whenever any information required it would be easy to get from them. Sometimes DTP work is emergency, these department members work late in the evening and update all the work. If you compare admin block staff for legs of the human body EDP staff take after for hands. It is the brain work by the management. Along with typing work they do photo copy task. It requires a little skill but these members are good at making typing and also generating copies of it in a bit of moment.

What important duties they do?

  • Staff 1: we do always challenging work, I feel myself to be a human computer with flesh and blood. I do never think of tired any longer.
  • Staff 2: I don’t have any embarrassment at working because I work for my pleasure. I believe all work no play makes Joan dull, I enjoy working on computers.
  • Staff 3: for me book keeping and maintaining accounts create in me self responsibilities. Earlier I feel to skip away from the responsibility.

School Infirmary

“We Build Quality Minds”

School View

It has been constructed in ‘L’ Shape as it lies nearly highway it beacons the passer by a hope for better opportunity at the entrance a big Cherry tree lifts it hands to bless the parents inside Begoni trees created thick green wall the spruce give shade to the learners school garden is just like Tapovana commorates the landscape of Tagore’s Shantiniketan.

This department has been specially designed all the PE staff and wardens take care of pupils’ couple of beds and cots are kept separately. Student who falls sick and complains of ill health will be taken to rest room .first aid facility is accessible at any moment. The pupils who are s serious would be taken to physician. The multi-specialty and experts specialized in medicines’ used to visit school campus every fortnight. Wardens have small pharmacy of their own to provide tablets and potions.


Morning Assembly

It starts at 8:15 am everyday students fall in proper lines each row is set with leader house wise standing pupils and teacher makes the school a magnificent look News reading follows glossary words Quiz will be taken up by a subject teacher on rotation importance celebration of the day is being announced a particular student engages the assembly with/his/her sweet words a couple of announcements follows the State Anthem and National Anthem over all assembly activities are quit educative.


Laundry and Pressing

Boarding students have to mark and code their clothes, before giving it to laundry men and women collect the clothes from the dorm leaders and makes note of the number of shirts and pants given for washing miss-placement or lost washer women will be made responsible. Pressing of clothes will be done neatly. No student has to wear crumpled apparels. Shoes polishing socks washing should be done by the pupils only.

Girls Counseling Section

School authorities takes extra care about girls, Mrs. Sujata Satish a senior faculty and miss Manjula madam are given responsibility to carry out inter-action and close discussion of their problems, the counseling members are directed by the management for special rounds

They maintain a separate record to note down their enigmas and draws conclusion after having discussion from the management.


It is laid amidst the green land rows of gulmohar trees yellow bell shaped flowers cluster of acacia thick surrounded wall of begonia shady cheery trees blue butter flavoured flower cordiality leafed trees are the natural nestle for variety of flowers and birds. They make a real citadel for learners.


Display Board View

The school wall consist of more display board which are fixed by valuable quotation and sayings weekly house-wise or class-wise article display is the unusual trends much knowledge can be gained by reading stack stuck wall papers.


Movie World and Weekend Enjoyment

Sound proof room video- theatre movie theatre program hall and others the hall is neatly setup for variety of events ventilators with curtains, white background screen and a stage attract the learners and teachers.

Latest movies will be shown in multi-media room, every weekend different language version movies are being put, a nice seating arrangement is made all students watch and take pleasure of the day. Educative movies and that deals of moral and social sense also shown, a separate warden has been assigned this task.

Robotic and Electronics

Students are brought to the application of technology they prepare torch and gadgets that are useful hobby master co-ordinate the school management for animation advance computech knowledge. Here certain ideas are taken from Keonics.

Butterfly Projects

Learning by doing enjoy the most difficult maths and science concepts through ease students gain practical experience all working models lead than towards scientific attitude.


Meditation and Yoga

Students do this activity morning and evening mental stability emotional balance concentrate for study are the key winds for meditation. Doing Yoga is physical balance all types of yogic exercises will be taught to students mental quest triggered by the Yoga there by they gain capability to expose their talent in a right way.


Security Room

Dedicated men with strict monitoring for 24/7 in a army style no public dare to enter without prior permission all students feel protective they guard the school and its infrastructure unnecessary movements of parents are stopped in the interest of their ward better study.


School Library

“We Build Quality Minds”

A spacious hall has been reserved for managing reading and reference by the students. Here books are kept catalogue wise each book is given code number accession register has been maintained by the Librarian. According to syllabus and curriculum books are to be purchased every year. Each class is given library period in a week. Students suppose to borrow books they want to refer on producing ID cards. Not only syllabuses there are varieties of books that helpful for them to know extra knowledge apart from the text.

The sections of the books in the library evoke an encouragement for all the students. There is literature section even the books of the growth of literature from Chaucer period to T S Eliot, all fictions; criticism and poetics can be browsed. Along with this the library is full-fledged with magazines and news papers those bring the students near to the current affairs and international trends. The library is well built for the academic development of the students.

The most regular user of library had shared their opinions as follows:

  • Student 1: I am very comfortable when I use reference books in the hall there won’t be any disturbance to read.
  • Student 2: I am afraid after reading the lesson from Yomakenetta, The Gentleman of the Jungle but the CD player provided by the library helped me to comprehend the story in an ease.
  • Student 3: sitting in library is an extra joy for me because reading the poems of words worth my intuison comes out to make my own poems.
  • Student 4: I enjoy learning mathematics and science there in library the encyclopedia of all subjects; really they extend our mental horizon.
  • Teacher 1: when I feel any difficulty to deal with any concepts I go to library to have resources, it is last resort for us.
  • Teacher 2: The library is a temple where all teachers and students are provided with the necessary holy food in the form of information which is enjoyed to a great extent.

School Labs

“We Build Quality Minds”

Computer Lab

Students take up various activities on computer we have a big-lab all computers are modern built on-line test and on-line evaluation are the salient features of this lab each student will have individual computers during lab activities.


Physics Lab

It is well equipped with all experimental tools. All sorts of approaches related to syllabus of class I to X are made accessible the lab will have tag line like science is of Ideas rather than Idioms.


Bio Lab

We breathe life into dead this lab is furnished with all sorts of specimens required for learning the repository of variety of animals and plants models really catches the focus of learner moreover the school lies amidst the nature to make itself a lab for it.


Chemistry Lab

No chemical is unknown to the learner the lab is provided with all types of solutions which is required to advance study. A very nice Co-Ordination among the departments is special development



“We Build Quality Minds”

Students use bus by taking so much of interest because they feel it is a kind of journey from town to highway citadel. Buses ply regularly on all working days. No students will travel ever standing all the way from the boarding point. The bus is commodious it will accommodate all the students to take up rounds happily at the time of disperse students move to the pick point in files. The bus drivers are so humane they never leave back any students at any time. There are two teachers they travel in the bus to take care of children though they have discipline. The bus runs in all the town of all areas and brings the students in time. The Volvo mode of the bus creates unlike experience among the students. The seats are made of cushion and there is recluse facility. Minimum pick up, commuter friendly, flexible ventilators, first aid- box are others salient features of the conveyance system of the school.

  • Student 1: I feel myself be on cloud nine when I travel, and I feel safer.
  • Student 2: I am riding just like the wind rides me even the bus could not shake when it pass on humps.
  • Student 3: our school bus is beautiful for me to go to school every day. I never fall absent.
  • Student4: I prefer to sit window side to have a glimpse of other speedy vehicle.
  • Student 5: our school bus is more secure than other things
  • Teacher 1: we never think ever that we miss assembly. Travelling along with the students is an extra-ordinary experience. We mingle with them; share the jokes and ask the students to revise the topics.
  • Teacher2: I know all the students by their names as I come with them regularly. I never think myself that I am monitoring the discipline of the students in bus. I was shocked several times that students sit silently. We use the bus for field visits in a year, the school takes up more than ten outings. This year students are taken to a beautiful JAIN temple, aluminum vessel industry, farmland, flour mill and many more places which have a educational value.

Food Fort of Rainbow

“We Build Quality Minds”

The residential students will be provided delicious food, it would be hygienic, nutritional and more balanced, and the kitchen and store in-charge respected Secretary Mr. Malthesh Sir has been discharging his duties matchlessly. A menu is displayed dishes and appetizers will be prepared according to that. There are special appetizers on weekends.

Salient features of food

  • it would be well cooked always
  • proportions of ingredients are put to the required level.
  • vitamins and leguminous lentil and grams are being used keeping in view of better food better health.
  • crudities and pickles, cucumber, and other digestive supplements
  • leafy-vegetables and sprouted beans, will be more recurrent on menu
  • Nan and bread are well burnt to the taste
  • more importance has been given for de-acidification and de-hybridation
  • the working chefs are highly experienced, and so good in their judgment.
  • most cleanliness will be taken up in the kitchen area so as to keep away all sorts of unfriendly bacteria’s and micro-organisms.
  • the existing master chefs wear apron and hair nets without fail.

Hostel Facilities

“We Build Quality Minds”

Rainbow hostel facility is very special for boarding students. They would never feel any longer to be away from their parents. Existing staff and management president and vice president care them with almost affection and love. Even most of the students don’t like to go home during long vacation. Every day in the evening president and vice president speak to the students in intimacy and do counseling with them about their personal problems. Boarding staff also mingle and play with the students to give them mental relief, joking and laughing, merry making, doing fun all these create in them home atmosphere. No student feels ever all alone. Existing principal is so generous to listen to their queries.


One can have comfortable to be in as it specially design for boarding students. Each will have individual cot and bed, the cot is furnished with drawers and wreckers where students can keep his belongings and reference books in safety with key and lock. Over the cot mosquito net frames have been fixed. The sleeping beds are made of coir and cotton weather friendly. The blanket and bedspreads will be taken for regular wash. Sleeping on beds is really sleeping in the air. It is heavenly experience on the part of the students.


Dining Hall

It is commodious for the students to sit and have food. Dining tables are cleanly maintained with separate cloths that bring in you the memory of sumptuous surrounding. The cups and jugs welcome you first, the plates are rolling on the table, and one can have his image on the reflection. All serving dish are well rinsed and neatly arranged each student will get each one to have food comfortably. The staff which serves food would wear hair net, hand glows and aprons while serving food to the students.


Monitoring Staff at Dining Hall

They are very vigilant about the students who get it served more and leave uneaten. They just caution them to eat all. It brings in them the food value after having eaten one has to collect his plate and dispose it in plates bin. Then they have to take wash of their hands. The monitoring staff take round in the mid of the rows.


Highly – technical apparatus steam vessels highly qualitative crocrokeries rodent proof pantries blenders and mixtures ladles, colander additives and spices segregates chopping vegetables stand and roller-pin board warm as dust free healthy hygienic food cooking master chefs who welcomes you hearing hair net and hand gloves.


Taekwondo/Martial Art

“We Build Quality Minds”

Mr.Sanjayn is most creative in his approach, he trains the students effectively, and today self defense is highly required skill for all pupils. Nothing can be gained without concentration, students learn that level of the conscious which is like threading a needle, he does meditation before the class starts, this art requires drooping steeping and kicking legs, that sort of flexibility, students have to maintain during class. The salient features of this department might be summarized from the students’ opinion.

  • 1 I like karate class that helps to bring in me a sense of joy, I can defeat and succeed in any assault, I don’t think, what is called fear?
  • 2 I am Anusha of class VII, for girls Martial art is quite essential now-a -days, I learn here in our school, now I feel bit dare how to overcome inferiority complex.
  • 3 I am Sandesh from class VIII I long for karate class, because I am to tell my friends how I am different in saving external attack with a skill.
  • 4 I am Raksha from class VI for me Martial art is just escape from others pounce.
  • 5 I am so happy to learn to because sir teaches us so nice he would be a participant and a part of activity.


“We Build Quality Minds”

It is one of the special departments that work for the enhancement of students mathematic ability, Ms Maya who takes these classes works enthusiastically, she never brings any confusion in imparting the abacus skill. She takes the classes from first standard to ninth. Students grasp every movement of the session.

The students who are from rural background good at language subjects but they struggle to learn mathematics.

The abacus classes bring in them confidence to defeat their inferiority in learning mathematics. There are separate provisions for teaching abacus in the time table. The importance of learning abacus can be summarized in the opinion of the students.

  • Student 1: I am Vidya from class 9. My mathematics skills were very poor earlier. Now I have learnt almost all the required techniques doing mathematics better. I am grateful to Maya madam.
  • Student 2: I am Pavitra from class 8. The abacus class taught me quick math which I used to commit silly mistakes earlier to count and subtract.
  • Student 3: I am Sandesh from class 8. Now I feel better scoring good at mathematics, as I learnt everything from abacus classes.

Sports Room

“We Build Quality Minds”

We have got all sorts of playing equipments highly experienced P.E staff has been maintaining the tools on issue registers sports materials are always physically fit for children’s use.


“We Build Quality Minds”

Play on rollers skate board student enjoy sliding on the cement ground. They revolve around the court skating master teaches those intricate skills and complex gliding.

Indoor Game

“We Build Quality Minds”

So as to provide opportunities for those who are fond of playing indoor games like Carrom, Chess, Table tennis and others learners develop logical way of thinking to face future problems.

Outdoor Game

“We Build Quality Minds”

We have vast field and play ground for students to play Kho-Kho, Kabbadi, Volleyball, Football and Basketball grounds are well marked regularly. It would look like an Olympic ground.


Staff Room

“We Build Quality Minds”

It is built with modern technology rolling chairs wide granite table electrified plugs to the table all experienced and resourceful staffs keep working on Laptop and Computers they do prepared for lessons surrounding wall is furnished with chest of cupboards and drawers staff belonging can be preserved safely. A Separate room has been set apart highly cordoned off from male entries individual desk and cupboards are made for them the room is highly furnished with furniture.