Appendix-IX (CBSE 2021)
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The Growth and Development of Rainbow Residential Public School.

It was a beautiful dream by a visionary, who had just completed his graduation in computer engineering from the oxford college in Bangalore. Most of the soft ware engineers have got the passionate for profitable jobs and admire to go ever luxurious life. But our beloved president C T Suresh has been inspired by the words of Tagore- “strike the penury at my heart in replacing strong will power so that I can give in soulfully towards the fruitful social service”. Being a simple man he hailed from a country background. He was born in Suttakoti village that belongs to Haveri District which once the popular place for freedom fighters and for the great hermits. His parents were Chandrappa and Neelamma who bereaved the former. The well-versed diligent man Mr. C T Suresh has got siblings of the two elder sisters and four elder brothers. In order to realize his maiden dream he discussed his genuine ideas with his brother Sri Veeranna C T and Bhabi Smt. Sharada Veeranna.

The thought was shared by all his family members. As a software Engineer he thinks about the future of youth. He believes that they can’t contribute unless they trained well, so to make it implementive, He launched (ITES) training unit in 1989, and it has been widely grown as part of Karnataka Government Entrepreneur Keonics Now it has been functioning with a tremendous success at Ranebennur. Respected president has got married with Miss Lalita, who is the daughter of Professor S N Kattimani a retired Principal of G.H college. He is a man of highly disciplined and resourceful, He knows all subjects, and He can mesmerize audience hours together out of his spinning thoughts. The vice president Mrs. Lalita Suresh who has graduated in M.Sc-IT and B,Ed. was also qualified with (PGDHRM) the reputed Keonics at Ranebennur is being managed by the madam and her brother Mr. Nagaraj S K more than 27,000 students have been trained at Keonics, and lots of opportunities become for unemployed youths, which was a challenging problem in Indian economy. The sincere efforts yield saturated benefits to the members of Governing council. Mr. Suresh C.T. and Mrs. Lalita Suresh enthused themselves, for giving most quality education to the people of Ranebennur and nearby places, they came out with innovative ideas and started implementing ICSE curriculum in 2006 under the Paripoorna Trust, State board syllabus will also be added so as to cover students with slow learning potentials.

Right now both the streams are well equipped in posh infrastructure, along techno-oriented learning and teaching materials. The very aim of the trust is to enhance creative and qualitative abilities among the students. In order to bring out changes in the behavior of the learners the trust members have opened a Montessori school, Rainbow Pre-School at Vikas Nagar, Ranebennur in the year 2009. This education institute was working on the advice of President and Vice president. The responsibility of the school is entrusted with Mrs Sharada Veeranna. The Rainbow Residential Public School Kamadod has been taking 100% result in the examinations. Every year high scorer numbers is increasing. Most of the students who have completed SSLC with high percentage are Pursuing Medical and Engineering professional courses. The wave length of the alumnus is getting connectivity upon the learners to have positive transformation. The management is taking lots of pleasure this year so as to celebrate. It’s a progress of decade in the memory of this development the Paripoorna Trust has come forward to bring out souvenir entitled Rainbow Decennary magazine.

Mr Suresh C.T. and Mrs Lalita Suresh have received innumerable awards and medals , appreciation certificate including cash prizes from government of Karnataka and from various organizations for their dedication and diligent work. President and vice president have been working sincerely to cater students with motivation skills and finally mould them to fit in different jobs. The Paripoorna Trust adopted the tag line “We Build Quality Minds” among the students by accommodating the environment of citadel where the school is surrounded by lush green tree belt so the learner feels that nature is teacher for him. The creative personality, the president of Rainbow keeps the teaching and learning process with modern technological and future proof based way of pedagogy.