Appendix-IX (CBSE 2021)
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Nisarga is one of the efficient houses of Rainbow Residential Public School. It is always ahead to take part in the house wise events. Mr. Nagaraj V S is the house grand master who leads his house towards victory. House masters and teachers give a proper guidance to their children. House concept is very essential to promote competitive attitude among the children. Nisarga House is always prepared for any events conducted at the school. Master Arun is house captain and Miss Sneha is vice- captain of the house. All house members obey the rules and regulations of the competitions. House wise soft boards are displayed by the house children once in a week.
It is always ahead to complete displaying the articles. The house master is Mr. Anand who always encourages and guides his house- members in all the activities. The discipline maintained in the house is appreciable. Cultural and sports events are conducted every year for all the houses. The officials of the house have a good understanding and proper coordination.
The house grand master and house master give equal opportunities to their house members so that everybody can take part in one or other event. Nisarga house exhibits positive attitude and desirable disposition in the school. The officials are friendly and accommodating with the children. The participants of the house are properly trained with required skills and strategies for the competition. ‘A sound mind in a sound body’ is a proverb understood and followed by the house. This house is always ready to take on challenges set for all the houses. The house grand master and house master are thankful to all the house teachers, the principal and the management of the school.