Appendix-IX (CBSE 2021)
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I am very happy to know that the Rainbow school is bringing out the school annual magazine this year too. It is a great nostalgia for me to think of Rainbow. My days at Rainbow are ever cherished and memorable. I sometimes wish I was at Rainbow. As change is the nature of this nature I had to be out of Rainbow. But experiences at Rainbow still make me live it. The school is a rainbow of possibilities and good opportunities for everybody who is there in its lap. I as a principal was benefitted most being a part the school administration. The schedule of the school engages everybody in fruitful and productive tasks for the betterment of oneself and others as well. Nevertheless it is ICSE stream, the students feel happy to cope with it. The ICSE curriculum is better than any other curriculums in the world. The scope leaning is vast and very helpful for the students’ higher education.


Susheela K.R Former Principal